Saturday, August 8, 2009

My First Post!

HELLO blog land!

I am really excited to finally have a digital scapbook site up of my own! I sure hope you enjoy and come back often. This is a work in progress at the moment though so please be patient!

A little about me...I am a 28 year old, stay at home mom and amateur photographer. I will eventually have a link on here to go to my photography blog as well.

I was in the United States active Army for 8 years as a JAG Corps paralegal, and I really loved my job. When I learned that I was expecting, my husband and I decided that it was the best choice for me to be honorably discharged to stay home and raise our daughter. My Husband is also in the military and so I still get to live the life I love, just I get to be with my daughter all day and get more free time to do what I love. Which is digital graphics/scrapbooking and Photography.

I also make invitations, announcements and virtually anything actually. I love a challenge and I am always looking for ways to improve and take it to the next level.

I have been fascinated by the digital scrapbook scene now for a while and I just now decided to dabble in making my own kits, hoping to improve and get much better. I am hoping though, even though my designs aren't elaborate, that people will be able to use them just the same.

I am just finishing up my first freebie kit and I am hoping to have it up tonight! Thanks for stopping by!

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