Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mighty Dinos it is!

So it looks like Mighty Dinos won! So I will begin to put the kit together this week. I will be out of my element with the boy theme, so any help on what you'd like to see would help me out! I can't wait for this challenge!


Becky M said...

I can not wait!! My son LOVES dinosaurs and he is 3 yrs. old.. elements i would love to see are : play dinosaurs, volcanoe, maybe a belt as an element in those great colors, dinosaur foot prints(my son is always looking for footprints outside), maybe some kind of terrain for the dinosaurs to be on, a boy playing wtih little dinosaurs, a frame made out of dinosaur teeth? maybe, hmm.. maybe dino pajamas as an element?, hopefully maybe one of those gave you an idea :) not sure, but i know whatever you do it will be amazing! i can't wait to use them for a siggy for my son on the message board i visit..

Melissa said...

Becky those are wonderful ideas!! Thank you so much!! I know what you mean about the siggies, they are a huge deal on the forum I visit too lol. *might be the same one* But yes, I will work on those, excellent ideas. You rock!