Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boy kit poll!!

I have noticed girl kits dominate the scrap world, and since I have a girl and thats what I look for, they are in abundance to me. When I went to scrap a page for a friend of mine who has a boy, I found myself not looking though a sea of boy kits like when I was looking for girl. So I want to make sure I offer up both! So the next *Gymboree inspired kit I am going to make is going to be for the boys!

So I made a poll on the left hand side, PLEASE vote there and let me know which one you'd like to see next. The choices are...

Mighty Dino with this color scheme

King of the Jungle with this scheme

or Tropical Turtle


RoseMarie said...

I really love blue and brown, I'm obsessed with it. But I don't like the dino theme. So I voted for the monkey one. I really wanted to vote for them both so my 'official' vote is: "Combine the first one's colors (blue and brown) with the second one's theme (monkeys)." :)

merbobear said...

Melissa, I voted for the dino theme. I think the colors will compliment more boy pictures. The others are cool too, but I think for a first theme the dinos are going to be more usable for more people!
Also I snagged the happy rainbow papers add on! Thank you for doing these, did I tell you that you are awesome?!

Anonymous said...

I vote for tropical turtle - I like that colors !