Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thanks for the patience!

Hello everyone!

My apologizes on the late arrival of the elements for the Mighty Dinos kit. There aren't a ton of elements for this one, but a lot of personal made items that I created from scratch and that was pretty time consuming!

A little news, we are moving from Hawaii to Virgina in less than 2 weeks! So its been pretty hectic here, cleaning, scheduling things, packing, getting our pup ready to fly and of course still chase after a highly energized toddler all day! So I appreciate your patience with me and getting this kit out! It will most likely be my last one before we depart. On the 31st I wont have access to the internet until....well..thats undetermined actually. We dont fly out until the 7th of September and we have no idea when we will be hooked up and ready to go after that. BUT when I return expect some more kits! I have a few ideas I have been working on and I am sure you'll love it!

I have been working on making some personalized kits from friends of mine that I have and they are turning out to be so cute! They will all be mini kits, so like...5-10 papers, 20 elements or so, still in 12x12 format though.

Well I am unable to get the preview ready for the elements on Mighty Dinos right now as my internet time is limited, BUT I will have them out ready for download later tonight! (my tonight). So come back and look for them! I sure hope you like, its not a lot due to my current circumstances, but I hope what I have is usable! Here is a preview on something I made thats in the kit.

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Anonymous said...

I just love you so much; your just so awesome at what you do: I am very very proud of you...love: mom