Sunday, September 4, 2005

Adding Elements

Now the way you start to put your page together will become your personal preference. Some like to add the photos and work around them, others like to design the page and add the photos last. It is truly up to you and your design style. For this demonstration I will first show you how to add elements first.

Go to FILE/OPEN and go to your folder you have your elements in. Pick out an element you like. I chose the frame.
 You will now have the element window open in your program. Grab and drop onto your paper the same way you added the paper to your document. Again, Photoshop has the drag and drop option, your program may or may not be the same. Whichever way you need to get your frame onto your paper, do it now.
To add other elements, you do the same thing and you can arrange them any way that is pleasing to you.

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