Sunday, September 4, 2005

Getting the right size

Before we start, the screen shots below are from the program Adobe Photoshop CS3. Your program, if not CS3, will vary, but the concept will be the same. For this tutorial, I will be using the kit Festival by Shabby Princess, go there to download their FREE kit if you would like.

Ok, getting started, how to create a specific size page. You can create your page to be whatever size you would like. Most digital kits (unless labeled "tagger") will usually be 12x12 sized and at 300dpi for optimal printing. The great thing about digital is you can size the paper and elements to your desired size. Rule of thumb though, its ok to size down to keep resolution high for printing, sizing bigger may result in undesirable printing results.

Ok! So first you want to open up your work space, you will make this the size you want your page. Popular choices are 12x12, 10x10 and 8x8 for traditional scrapbook pages, though you can make any size you would like. For my tutorial, I will be opening up a 12x12 page.

Depending on your program, you will go up top to your menus under FILE, choose NEW.

Now.....some will say you can just open up your digital paper and use that, but I always like to make a separate page as not to accidentally save over the original paper file. But you can also just use your paper template. In this case, you'd just go to FILE/OPEN and then find where your digital paper is located.
Now that you have your workstation open, choose the paper you would like to be your BACKGROUND. 
FILE/OPEN/(your kit folder)

So now you should have 2 documents open. The first is your document you made, and the second is the paper. I sized the windows small and side by side for viewing purposes.

Move the paper you opened to your document you created in the beginning, then CLOSE out the kit paper file (not your working document which will now have the paper on it).

So now you should have ONE document open, your document you made with the paper now fitted on it perfectly. You will now notice your paper in your layer pallet.

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