Sunday, September 4, 2005


1. The cost! Paper scrapbooks are very pleasing to look at and creative fun, but as you all know, it is not a cheap hobby. You buy items and you get to use them one time....this is not the case with digital. When you buy a kit (or often times find free ones) you can use them as many times as you want all for one price!

2.  The freedom of changing things if you change your mind or "mess up". You can move elements, change paper, pictures anything you want as often as you want before you print. Nothing gets ruined in the process, just click undo.

3.  No cutting of irreplaceable pictures. Ever want to scrap old photographs from your great grandparents but afraid of cutting them or accidentally ruining them? With digital, you can use a scanned copy and your picture stays in its original shape.

4.  Complete creative freedom. Have you ever looked for a specific color embellishment or paper and just couldn't find it? Or you found a paper that would be perfect, but it wasn't the right color? With digital scrapbooking, you can color, resize and customize you elements/papers JUST the way you need them. Best part, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can have on your pages!

5.  Font selection. Is your handwriting not the best? (like mine), you can download fonts (most free) from various sites that look like it was handwritten for journaling. You can type, delete, retype as much as you need and see it on your page before committing and can easily be changed later without having to redo the entire page!

6.  Multiple pages. Ever made a page that you would like to put in more than one book? Or would like to give a page away as a present? Well, instead of doing the same page all over again, you can print multiple pages!

There of course is nothing wrong with paper...some people will prefer paper over digital or digital over paper. The choice is yours...but if you are looking for help going digital, I made up some tutorials for you to get started!

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